Hitting the Wall

April 2, 2013

Yesterday I talked about being addicted to online technology. I listed a few of my most recent addictions.  Later that day, I hit the wall. It was just, plain and simply, TOO MUCH.  I’m sure there will be peaks and valleys as I continue my online journey, but right now, I’m in a valley.

I was so excited to join ecommunity and twitter and read seemingly nonstop on zite.  Soon though, my brain was revolving in circles and definitely over stimulated. Like all addicts, I guess I had to hit a low point.  I couldn’t stop thinking, my brain wouldn’t turn off. I had to check twitter feed, I had to read more, I had to check everyone’s pages. I couldn’t juggle that AND trying to figure out all these great new apps I was seeing.

I’m not innately “one” with technology.  These things take time for me to absorb. It’s hard when you realize you can’t juggle everything, I’m not prepared to be as aware, as “postable” as interesting, as proficient as many of the people I recently met and/or am following.

What does this all mean? Well, I think I am a statistic. So much information comes at you that you’ve never seen before and its exciting and overwhelming. I wanted to try it all.  I couldn’t make it all work. I bit off more than I could chew.  I’ve decided I need to scale it back. Choose one or two things I’m willing to try and slowly learn them and integrate them. I’m not going to be the best or the fastest. But I can be proficient in the things I do choose to use. One thing at a time. In this age of digital communication and instant gratification, I need to slow down and just be happy with the little progress I can make.

Be patient. One day at a time. One app at a time. One learning opportunity at a time. If I say this to my students, maybe I should follow my own advice.


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