My Online Journey Begins!

I have been afraid of technology for most of my career.  When I graduated, there was no email, no website searches, there wasn’t even a computer program for recording marks. I literally sat there with a calculator and pencil figuring out marks.  So, it was easy for me to keep my old ways and just do things they way they had always worked for me.  I was doing fine, my students were still learning, I stuck to some traditional ways.

Last year, out of the blue, an opportunity fell into my lap to teach an online course. Previous to this discussion, I wasn’t even really aware my board offered online courses, let alone me teach one. With the encourgement of my mentor, I decided to try teaching an online course. (She completely lied to me and said I don’t need computer skills, just creativity and a way to engage students) Creativity, I could provide. Links, I could not.

At first, I couldn’t even create a dropbox, nor link it in the content section. I couldn’t figure out why I could see course material and my students would email me and say they couldn’t. (that eyelid was down) But, my students stuck with me, because I did add some fun things to the page, or as I called it “eye candy”.  Luckily, my mentor stuck with me because I think I was open to the opportunity to learn more. I didn’t suppose that I knew anything. I took it all in. I’d try all suggestions. The teacher in me really really wanted to succeed. The student in me had doubts, but I wouldn’t let that stop me.

I have so much to learn. So much. I’m enjoying it. It’s more work than I realized when I got into this. As long as my bosses are patient with me, I will try everything that they ask. But, it’s a slow learning curve for me. Half of the things I’ve been shown I hadn’t even heard of before, let alone tried to use. (I didnt’ take any computer courses in uni, didn’t use any programs, still can’t figure out a spreadsheet!)

So, my online journey has just started. I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m the equivalent of Bilbo Baggins I suppose, but he triumphed in the end, so that’s a comparison that I’ll have to work hard to earn.



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