New Addictions

April 1

Well, I’ve had Twitter in use for almost one week now. Feels like a lot longer. I’m starting to understand @ and #.  I’m getting familiar with RT and posting. I want to know what’s going on. In as few characters as possible. My problem is that I have stolen my list of people/organizations to follow after attending a conference.  These people post meaningful, insightful and educational links. It’s a lot to take in. I post what’s happening right now in my life and usually have no link to a scientific experiment to back me up. But, that’s ok. I don’t have many “followers” and probably never really will, so I’m not really clogging up too many people’s newsfeeds with my frivolity.  I do enjoy seeing what other’s post and will continue to follow what interests me.

Next – e-community. I’m checking here for courses, for my blog, for interesting things to learn. More than daily, because you never know when inspiration will hit.

More – texting. I never really texted much before. Just in emergencies it seemed. Now I realize how much fun texting can be. You can get quick notes out, just say hi, share a thought. Still haven’t sent a picture over a text, but I probably will.

EVIL MONSTER -iPad. I got it for work. It may as well have been glued to my fingers, because it seems to never leave my hand. Between checking emails, facebook, twitter, D2L and other social media, I’m already at a disadvantage. Then, the app store is calling and I’m downloading and zite is there and I’m reading. Don’t even get me started on Angry Birds Star Wars.

Addicted. I can’t even type this all at once, because now I’m checking my laptop, my phone, my e-reader and my iPad. I am the stereotypical joke they make fun of in ads.  I think once the excitement has worn off a bit and I find my niche, it won’t be so hard to put them down and actually go out. and breathe real air. but only after i check my messages.


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  1. evathompson says:

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    How the heck did I get 48 total views yesterday? I’ve clearly been spammed, but this was an entry, from 13 months ago. Yes, I’m still addicted and need a self help group.


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