Why I use D2L Grader App

April 3, 2013

As of yesterday’s post I have decided that I want to focus on one or two things in my online journey and try to make them work well for me.I am teaching e-learning this semester and was given an iPad right before March Break to help with using some new and exciting apps.

My mentor showed me the D2L grader app. This is meant to help give video feedback for students. I have really enjoyed this app. I will admit right at the start, that I don’t use it to it’s fullest potential, but again, I’m slowly learning.

I like this app for a few reasons. My first reason is “student engagement”.

My class is sometimes filled with students who do not fit in the regular class. They may be troubled, have attendance issues, elite athletes or perhaps on all day co-op. Whatever the reason, elearning seemed like an only option.  As a result, some of my students do not have superior motivation to get online. Engaging my students has become of paramount importance for me.  If they do not log on, they cannot do the work and get the credit.

Video feedback has been a wonderful tool for me.  Students see that I am a real person, not just a computer name. Students see me. Hear me. Can make a personal connection if that makes sense. I’m talking to them, only them, about their work.  If I leave a personal message for them, it might get them more interested in logging in, it gives the personal touch. For “engagement” it’s not necessarily what I’m saying, but the fact that I’m saying it to them.

My second reason is for meaningful feedback, which has been time and time again told to me is important for students – it is that. I will say that I haven’t used all of grader’s functions. I do not mark up the paper as I’m talking to show them. Meaningful feedback for the assignments I have used doesn’t always come in the form of grammatical corrections. It comes in the form of me showing I read the assignment, I liked this, I would improve that.

This app can make feedback faster. I don’t have to type everything out. I can express myself using different tone. I can talk like a real person, you know? Sometimes reading a long paragraph (like this) you miss some of the nuances or it just doesn’t translate as well.

Grader is simple to use (I like), fast to use (I like) and the video goes directly in the students feedback box so you can’t get them mixed up or have to record separately and upload. (I like)

If you are looking for a way to add video easily into your course (take it from me, I know easy) then D2L Grader is a great option to consider.


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