Connecting With Others on Twitter

May 2

I don’t want to use the word “strangers” because that doesn’t quite fit. I am making connections with educators I haven’t met.  I recently followed and even participated in a twitter chat. It was easy to see some common and shared goals, ideas, program uses and even frustrations. Dialogues were started, help offered, “followings” ensued.  I’ve also followed other educators from the beginning from suggestions made by others, or general searches and #talks.  Twitter has become a great learning tool for me. It’s become a great communication device for me. It’s become a wonderful forum to ask and receive help. One day, I hope to return the favour to someone else new and coming up the ranks.

When I went to OTRK12, a colleague of mine was able to meet some twitter connections in real life. I didn’t quite get the feeling, but now I think I might.  Even though I can’t quite keep up with everything posted and don’t actually know most of the people I’m following, it’s been a real education for me. Don’t we often say,even if I only reach just ONE student, it will have been worth it. Well, if I only take one thing away from twitter, it will have been worth it.

I’m well past one! Thanks twitterverse!


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