Frustration When an App Doesn’t Work for Me

Ever have a day when you just want to throw your iPad across the room? Well, probably not, but today was that day for me.  Just when I think I’m using an app correctly, blam, something happens. I was so smug in my little computer chair; but today, I ran into some problems.  I have already posted looking for some help, so hopefully it will come soon and I’ll be back to my lovely self.  Sometimes I just have a little temper.

I really do like the option of providing video feedback. The students have commented that they prefer it, too.  My first problem (which I needn’t discuss here ) is that my school has had some bandwidth problem and I can never seem to upload and sync my dropboxes from there, and have to do it from home. That is frustrating, but I can’t really do anything about that.  My problem is that the video feedback I have recorded did NOT end up in the correct student’s dropbox. I know I recorded it to the right student, because I can SEE their work on the screen as I’m talking, so I can add reference points as I go.

So how, when I go back to double check, did the feedback get into a different students dropbox? The feedback seemed to be loading automatically, without me having to manually upload later. Is that the problem? Have I unwittingly allowed instant uploading? I still don’t know how it ended up in the wrong dropbbox, though?  The big issue is that it is LIVE and I cannot have a student see “published” and go watch it and it’s based on a different student’s work. I had to fix this immediately. I do not know how to remove it from a dropbox and then put it in the correct one. I should know how to do this.  But it doesn’t solve the original problem I have of, “why does it do this in the first place?”

If you know what I did wrong, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks! My online journey continues…..


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