Good Old Fashioned Technology

April 25, 2013

Today was low key technology today in my classes. Low key, but effective.

We are reading novels in both my face to face classes right now. We had some great conversations about the books today. One way I was using technology (I guess) was having the students listen to the last 2 chapters from an audio book!  The students thought it would hurt my feelings if they liked the sound of the man’s voice over mine. NOT AT ALL! I love having someone read it to them. It frees me up to: watch classroom management, jot down notes I want to talk about later but don’t want to stop an interrupt, write down names or places on the board, and gives me a break from usually talking all day anyway.

The second way I doubled up was to show pictures of the story( up on the smartboard)  as it was read.  A number of artistic representations of the content were gathered by a colleague and accompany the story quite well. This also helped with student engagement in a few ways: those who just wanted to listen and not follow along had something to look at, those who need more stimulation were kept busy, those who had difficulty imagining what was happening had some help, and because there were multiple sources of the same event, a good discussion can be had about why choices were made.

This was awesome! They loved the pictues, we had disuscussion about interpretation and creative license, they enjoyed another voice for a change, it probably sped things ups, I could remember key points that I might not if I was reading and I could maintain a little more peaceful behaviour!  I wasn’t moving technological mountains today, but certainly was able to add some  changes and make a lesson more engaging for many of my students.  I felt today was a good mix of old fashioned methods utilizing updated delivery methods.


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