I Have Too Many Passwords!

Another example of me unknowingly needing new technology. Finger print swipe to access my passwords? I am ready for new toys!!

April 27, 2013

Just how many passwords can one person have? How many do I actually need? Well, apparently lots and lots.  When I started signing up for online banking, email, frequent shoppers, points, ecommunity and everything else, the passwords were so easily acceptable. I could actually choose a four number password and be done with it.  Now, I need upper and lower case, letters and numbers, signs and symbols. I also need security questions and I need to change my password frequently for my own safety.

I am the worst password person out there. Well, I stop short of using 123456, but I kinda need to repeat the same passwords over and over because I’ll never remember them all! I’m having trouble doing that already.  Passwords that are older require some thought, particularly for those things that I really need, but don’t really check daily. Fun things (like shopping, I tend to choose the same ones, but they don’t all have the same specifications)  So, I’m juggling a password problem. I’m not also starting to worry about juggling all my accounts. I have 2 twitter accounts now, a few different other social media accounts and some personal texting. I really hope I dont’ start sending the messages to the wrong people! If I’m going too fast or working at more than one thing at once, it’s likely my juggling will end up dropping the ball.

Sheesh. Pretty soon my computer should just make me use my fingerprint and my whole world of passwords will open. And then it will be intuitive enough to say, “Are you sure you want to say that?” when I’m about to spill some secrets I shouldn’t!


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