I Want to Make Tutorials….Someday

I originally posted this in April, and  6 months later, I have made and shared 6 tutorials! Prophetic Me.

April 26, 2013

I’m beginning to think I should start creating my own tutorials for apps and programs I use or want to use. This is not necessarily for other people to see or rate, but for me.

I am right now watching a baseball game. They frequently record a pitcher’s movement to help with mechanics. They also looks at previous games to see opposing team’s strategies and help learn.  I think I can apply this to my own teaching. If I start recording myself teaching, I could learn a lot!  I could see if I’m repeating myself too much, if my language is clear and easily understood, if I’m explaining the lesson properly. I don’t just have to look at areas of improvement, either. I can see things that I like what I’m doing and work on reinforcing them in the class.

A second basic reason to record a lesson is simply if I forget how to do something in the future. I have (on occasion) gone to an app and thought, “mmm…. I did this before, now what button did I choose…” With so many apps, different terminology, and improving features, this could benefit me.

Another reason could be for me to actually use for professional development and for students.  If we have staff p.d. and someone is new to an app, a quick screen recording might help. I know when I’m learning something new, it doesn’t hurt to see it in action. Similarly, if I try to teach my students how to use something, it would be great to have examples.  These can be saved in a shared drive or on a class page so it’s easily accessible for others.  (People learn on their own schedules!)

If I start to grow my portfolio and save more lessons, I can learn from my mistakes, reinforce good strategy and maybe just help someone else in the process.  Now, off to find a tutorial on an app that lets you do screen recordings……. (first things first!)


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