Joining D2L Community

April 19, 2013

Well, I have been lucky enough to ask for help out here and have people respond in a positive way.  One of my fears was that being so new to online learning, I would ask a question that seemed too basic, or one that I should already know the answer. As a result, I was hesitant to ask any questions.  I tweeted some frustration with brain overload and had helpful solutions. Thanks to Brandon Grasley who set me up with twitter lists, I now have two lists. (it’s a start!)

I recently joined e-community and the d2l community as a means to seek help. I would like to subscribe to the thought that no question is too silly or too small to ask and that people form communities to HELP you, not to mock you!  I am pleased to say that I have asked two questions in my new d2l community and have had responses back within a day! Wow! That makes me happy. We still can’t figure out my first problem, but thats ok, at least I had someone (D2L Barry) acknowledge my concern and see if something could be done.  The second one is probably a much easier solution, and someone (Dan at D2L) has already tried to clarify my issue in order to help me.

It can be easy to feel lost as such a newbie. I am so pleased people have offered help! I don’t mean to exclude any one else who has encouraged and supported me, this is probably another area in which I need help!  Pretty soon I’ll be gallivanting around the elearning community like a boss! Well, not really, but confidence doesn’t hurt! Next up: presenter at every conference out there. Well, not really, better figure out how to email first.


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