Mini Presentation – I Liked it! (evil laugh)

May 17
Today I did an impromptu presentation in front of some e-learning teaching colleagues. I wish I had taken the opportunity to be better prepared. I knew it was a possibility to present that day, but didn’t take it really seriously and thus did not prepare anything to say. I regret this choice.  Recently, I have been feeling very stagnant in my classroom teaching role. I am seeking new opportunities outside the classroom, but don’t really have any direction for myself. Having a chance to present should have been an indicator to me to try to shine.

I presented (briefly) a quick explanation of Pearltrees! (ironically enough as I write about it in Pearltrees!)  Well, didn’t I love it! I am forever doubting my abilities. I never quite feel prepared enough. I never feel like an expert. Maybe today presenting without “proper” preparation was a good thing. I wasn’t nervous beforehand and I was forced to get up there and do it.  I’m still no expert on Pearltrees. But, what I knew was enough to spark some interest in my colleagues about what it can do. I understand some uses, I can manipulate my pearls, I can show how to share and search. I can start to organize.

I mean really, when you are shown new apps, you can’t possibly be shown ALL of its features and remember them the first time anyway. You want to see some things it can do, some suggested uses and some examples. We like to play around with apps ourselves anyway.  I really enjoyed my opportunity to speak in front of others. (well, I am a teacher, that’s not really a surprise). It was exciting. It made me feel helpful. I was proud to show something new to my colleagues. I enjoyed interacting with others. (that’s really really big for me, because I am extremely socially awkward and tend to avoid social interaction in real life!)  I’m not on the pro speaking tour or anything. Yet. But maybe one day I’ll feel confident enough to talk in front of colleagues again. And maybe just present something you will find interesting and fun to learn.


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