My Two Biggest Tasks – Collaboration and Feedback

April 20, 2013

Wow! I am surprised I have been able to maintain attention to my blog.  However, I guess just because I am writing almost daily, does not mean every entry is groundbreaking.

After attending a DI presentation, I had a change in thought pattern about how to actually teach and give lessons rather than just let loose content. During the novel study, this is a great jumping off point. I have been personalizing the video news feed a little bit more. I have created my discussions for off-the-record commentary.  I have updated my twitter feed. This is a good start.  I am still getting over my tech overload, but am starting to sift through the apps.   I am not completely sold on the couple I have tried, but maybe with more practice I will be. I do not know if I want to use an app that I need to teach the students how to use or create an account for them. While I do not mind showing them apps, I think they could figure it out much fast than I could explain it.

Am I shying away from collaborative apps, maybe. I would encourage my students to submit assignments using these apps, but I am not sure I am confident in my knowledge of these apps  to bring my students together. Maybe I can test or trial it this semester first.   I am more interested right now on apps that I can use to improve my ability to give feedback or deliver content.  I have my next e-teacher meeting in May and hopefully I will learn some new tricks.   So I am unsure of my next steps. Collaboration. Feedback. My two biggest wants right now. And then send me on every conference available so I feel cool and mix with all the people in the know!


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