One Day I Will Be Presenting to You

Lookie here! In early October and again in early December, I DID IT!!!

April 30, 2013

What’s that called when you think you know more than you actually do? Over confidence?

Well, I’m in that situation right now. I’m reading blogs, reading articles, joining online communities and I’m excited to do it.  The problem is, I’m starting to think I’m better and more experienced than I am! I’m still asking questions on apps and haven’t even used fairly common ones, and yet I’m also thinking, “I can do that”  Case in point, I went to OTRK12. All of a sudden, I think, “I can do that!” I can present. Umm.. what would I present? Guess I’m stopped before I even get out of the gate.  ECOO – kept watching the twitter feed and thought, “I can do that!”. Umm.. no I can’t. I don’t even understand some of the TITLES of what people are presenting!  D2L – calling for “guest writers”. I can do that. Umm.. no I can’t. I’ve only been using D2L for a little over a year and don’t even use all of its features.

Over excitement? Ya. Desire to be included in different communities? Ya. But watch out digital world, I’m coming for you! Fair warning. But you’ll just have to wait a few years for me to gather my ammunition.


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