Phantom Emails in E-Learning

April 8, 2013

One frustration I have had in online teaching is the more steps it takes to reach a staff member at another board. With the students in my own board, the teachers or guidance staff have emails and I can send an email directly to a person and not a generic email address. I can also see if that person has seen and read my email.


My difficulty is that sometimes out of board students have a generic “elearning” email address as a contact and I wonder if anyone is at the other end? I have sent numerous emails to addressess and I have no idea if anyone sees them or takes action. I rarely receive confirmation back or even acknowledgement that concern has been sent.


I’m at the computer a lot. Email is the first choice of communication for me. I would like to see a REAL person’s name or a live email account that someone checks often. Phone calls are a little harder and take longer and even then, I don’t always know WHO I am supposed to be calling.


I would like a little better communication from our schools in terms of who should be the contact name I am looking for.  This is not just for my own personal ease of communication, but also for speed. If a student is struggling, the faster someone local can make contact, the better.


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