Slowing Down on Blog Writing – Until I Get Picked Up By Zite!

May 7

I’m realizing that I am slowing down with my blog posts. I had originally started with a goal of writing something daily, positive and connected to my online journey.

I have mostly stuck to that plan, but feel that perhaps my early excitement that lead to me thinking I had plenty of ideas is waning a little. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I can perhaps write better quality entries when I don’t feel the pressure to produce something everyday.  There is no real pressure, I’m writing for myself. I’m trying to work on my writing, my editing and my knowledge of online tools and applications. This is my own personal world of pd. I mean I can’t really use anything I write anywhere else, but I can look back on my beginnings and (hopefully) see how much I’ve grown.

I think my best pieces were the ones when I did mini-reviews of tools I use in my class. It actually gives me more confidence in my online abilities. I used something. I explain why. I realize that I know enough about something to give it a review.  I guess it’s the teacher in me coming through. It’s also the desire to help me (or people like me) take baby steps forward. Don’t explain it like you are the inventor and mix it with 5 other apps that can sync. Write like you would want it explained to you. A beginner. Be a teacher. I feel my blog has allowed me to be myself. And I am a teacher.


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