Steps I Tried to Make that Class

April 6 2013

I had two topics I started writing about then stopped. One was an area of improvement I wanted to make and another was about feeling overwhelmed in the e-world. Both seemed to be heading in the same direction and I wanted my blog posts to be mostly positive and not feel negative.

So, my making an improvement entry is now spun to be positive. I have a goal to introduce at least one new collaborative technique for my e-learning class this semester. How I will do this, I’m not so sure yet. I can’t seem to sift through the “50 new apps”  “10 best apps”  “more great tools” articles to settle on one or two I feel comfortable with. I think I need an editor for my own reading list. It might look like “Choose one of these three easy to use apps for the technology beginner” OR “Here is a list of five apps a techno-phobe can use”. I’ll get there, this is my positive thinking blog.

I’m starting with what I know. I posted a discussion and asked for only video or audio feedback in regards to a “what’s your favourite” question. Not content driven. Just for fun. It’s hardly  a 10 out of 10, but it forced me to get started. Thinking. How can I get audio and video from them? Start with what they know. Start with doing it myself. (I posted an audio answer). Next, I created a widget so I can put this smack front and centre on my page. Then I hit the wall, couldn’t find a way to get my discussion in the widget to allow for audio and video feedback. But, at least I’m thinking.  See? Positive movement.

I’m quite certain “there is an app for that” and I’m pretty sure there’s a dozen or more, but I’ll get there. Positive thinking will bring positive results.


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