Trying to Make My Class Page Akin to Social Media

This was also back in April and I didn’t realize it, but it was the fore runner to my presentation. The “no-name, no frill” social media class-course. At times, it’s too much, I don’t want to be Vegas, but I’m keeping kids on the page for longer intervals.

April 23, 2013

I keep getting caught up in circles. I get overwhelmed by technology. I calm down. I try one piece. I dont’ understand it. I get overwhelmed. It’s a vicious cycle really, but I only have myself to blame.

I need to give myself more time to integrate all these wonderful apps into my course. The one good thing about my e-learning section is that I have been told well ahead of time that I will be able to teach it again next year. This gives me some time to start tinkering away at apps I’d like to try.  I think this stability really does help the emerging technology teacher.  Too often, we aren’t sure if we will be moving schools, if we have the same room, if we have one room, if we have courses we’ve taught before. We are scattered, we have to manage the immediate concerns and frankly innovation gets pushed to the back of my list sometimes.

Having been told I have a section of elearning next year really does help ease some stress. I can start to trial (and error) some fun new things.  I have been getting stressed and overwhelmed because I think I should be integrating all these things at once. And really, that’s not a good idea even if I could manage it, because it could be overwhelming for my students.

One thing I have been lately trying with my class is to make it not just about learning in the class. I have been hooked on social media, I’m trying to make my class site a little more interactive as well. I don’t just mean interactive in the sence of delivering content, either.  I check things like facebook and twitter and read articles online. It stands to reason my students check their own favourite sites. I have been trying to add more things and update more frequently the things in which my students can view or participate in on the page.  I have incorporate fun little videos to watch – both funny and inspirational. I have “awkward” photos (clean version!) to my students to get a little kick out of. I have added discussions, I have left videos, I have added the twitter feed. I even remember having widgets for a quote of the day and even the magic 8 ball.

I’m coming to see that I don’t just want my students to log in, read the newsfeed in 1 minute and log off. I want them to surf a little. What’s up in class today? What can I listen to? What can I view? What can I comment on? Who can I talk to?  I’m a work in progress and I have to allow myself to take it one step at a time.


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