Twitter Feed for my class – dead air unforunately….

Well, I did it. After incessantly complaining that I’m get overloaded (and perhaps bogged down) in suggested reading and then saying I have to balk at this because my head is going to explode, I dove in. Don’t you hate people like me? I say I’ll never be able to do it, but then I try anyway.

I will admit, it was mediocre at best. But, first tries are not typically perfection. (well, not for me anyway) A number of articles I have read lately talk about the benefits of twitter in the classroom and some general collobarations and uses for twitter you may not even be aware that you can use.  As I was surfing the twitterverse, I noticed TWO things I wanted to bring into my classroom that I decided to link through twitter. (I did find the articles elsewhere, but instead of copying the link, I decided to try something new for me and the class!)

One was a selection of short time-lapse videos I thought my students would enjoy and I could maybe use as journal topic starters.  The other was an article about a former NFL athlete who now has ALS.  We are reading, Tuesdays With Morrie, and Morrie has ALS. Great real life connection to discuss.  The biggest advantage for using twitter for me: it was so quick and easy to save these articles from their sources! If you are reading something from a mobile device, it can be awkward to open your class site or elearning page or google docs and twitter allows it all to be saved in one click.  Then, I easily log into twitter and there it is!

I may have stumbled onto something here. Well, you’ve already been doing it for years, but sometimes, you just have to learn things on your own. Tweet. Sweet.


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