Twitterverse Might Not be for Me

‘ve been blogging for about two weeks now and have read a few articles about why blogging can be beneficial and useful for both teachers and students.

I will say I have found blogging to be a great exercise for me to really think about areas I would like to improve upon, topics I need to getter a better understanding of, and just think outloud (haha) about changes I would like to make and brainstorm possible solutions.  But I have to say that Twitter has not been really all that exciting for me. I was quite addicted at first. I would check the newsfeed, read articles, see what’s trending. It has now become more work than anything.

I’m not a leader in my field. I don’t have great commentary to contribute. I see throngs of great ideas, articles, and infographics that I can’t all possibly read and understand to remember.  My twitter seems all educational contacts and networking. This is great, but overwhelming at the same time. I do like to feel that I can follow someone and get great advice and ideas. But there are just too many of them.  And then I feel I can’t really contribute and I’m just taking taking taking. I guess it doesn’t really matter what I write, because I really have less than a dozen “followers” who probably don’t care if I post a picture of my daughter or a daily tidbit that isn’t very tech savvy.  My new online excitement and encouragement from my surrounding educators has felt nice, but I’m just not getting enough out of it. And I’m getting too much out of it. If that makes any sense.

My twitterverse just sends me spinning.


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