Using Social Media for Good

Today, there is tragedy in Boston, so I want send my thoughts out to all the victims.  I need to write something very positive to remind myself there are still good people in the world.

My small online twitter community has been very encouraging to me. Even though I’m clearly no writer, need some polish and finesse, I’ve received positive feedback and suggestions from my tweetbuds. (I obviously have lots and lots to learn, I’m making up nonsensical names at this point)  I have been reading other people’s blogs and links provided, many of which are posted as a means to help other teachers, educators and interested people how to engage students, how to help themselves, find new and fun things to try, or just learn about the applications we’ve never seen.  This proves to me there is much good in the online world. Today when I needed to know it, when I wanted to help, needed to know who is safe, I turned to my online world.

We are using social media as a way to communicate. Network. Build relationships. Share. Belong. Challenge. Support. Energize. Motivate. Help. Learn.  In a world where people are dissatisfied, tormented, confused, violent and strangers, not all is lost. We are bigger than the small few who choose the wrong means to express their anger. We can use social media to share hope. To educate those lost in the crowd. To support those lonely and ignored. To find help for those who need it.  I hope to learn much from my online journey. I hope we can use technology to include those who need it most and support those trying to make sense of it all.


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