Why I Have Used Voki

April 7, 2013

I was just feeling sad about my social networking. All these articles comment on how plugged in we should be. I only had 7 people who knew about me and I’m down to 6. Have they done studies that relate social media connectedness and rejection? If no one “likes” your twitterings, facebookings or texts, do you get sad?


Anyway, I found encouragement today that will help balance that out,  so thanks to my encouragers (is that a word?), I’m writing another entry.


Why I use Voki. Voki is a tool I use for student engagement and fun.

Voki is a service that lets you create a speaking avatar that can be embedded into D2L quite easily.  There are plenty of cartoons to choose from, ranging from human faces, monsters and animals.  The easy part is that they are made for you and you don’t have to spend a lot of time sizing. The fun part is choosing hair colour or accesories. You can choose moving or stationary backgrounds and different coloured borders.


In a similar way to Go!Animate, you can add text quite easily. You can choose from pre-fab voices if you like, phone it in, or add your own voice recording. It is easy to log in, create your account and the basic version is free.


How do I use it? I created a widget on my page and I add in my own voice most times. I will post additional instructions, a trivia question, a bonus mark opportunity, a joke, whatever I feel like at the time.


It is very easy to change the look of your voki – I don’t have to tell my students after the first time to check the message, if they see a new “person” in the widget, they know to press play.  Once you save your voki and embed it, you do not have to repeatedly save new ones and upload them, you can change the look and sound and it will update automatically after you publish and refresh!

This was one of the first ways I was able to incorporate my own voice into the elearning page in a “fun” way. (I didn’t have access to a video cam at the time)


By now, it’s easy to see the few services I have talked about in my blog are easy to use and implement, especially for those of us new to e-learning or perhaps just dipping their fingers into the app pool. Go get yourself voki-fied!


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