Identity or Identity Fraud on Twitter

I thought some more about what I am posting on twitter and the responsibility behind my posts.

Twitter is an excellent tool for me as a teacher to learn from others, seek and receive advice and feedback, share ideas, discuss issues in education and “meet” new people. In short, it is what so many articles I’m reading already declare – the new p.d. for teachers.

I imagine it is used in a similar fashion for other professional communities. Twitter can also be for mindless fun, celebrity watching, athlete following, random thoughting and just plain old connecting. It is social media afterall.

I decided that yes, I will  forward online articles that I have fully read and intend to use.  That probably sounds strange. In an effort to really start defining my identity, I realized, I can’t be a fake. It’s like I was committing identity fraud on twitter. Now, most of you don’t know me and maybe wouldn’t know the difference, but it means something to me.

I was forwarding articles, links, ideas, that perhaps I didn’t really know what they were used for, or probably wouldn’t use, but knew they were important for others. But I think I was feeling that if I wanted to recommend something, I should really put my stamp of approval on it.  Some of you will disagree. I understand sharing. And sharing could mean that I have come across and article that although I may not be able to use, someone else out there would and if they didn’t get a chance to see it, it’s rewarding for them.

But the more I started to think I should form my identity, the more I thought I can’t be someone I’m not (yet). I will still link to ideas I find interesting and useful. But, I am cutting down on EVERYTHING I think will get me noticed in the education world. This is mainly because I haven’t made a name for myself and just randomly tweeting out ideas, programs, strategy will not make me a leader in my field.

I need to use these apps, put into practice some of these ideas, lead by example, offer out my own original work to start cutting away at my path. I should be able to show or work some of the things I’m recommending. Isn’t that what a recommendation is for? You have used it, think it works and want to let others know?

I think sharing is completely appropriate on twitter. I also think sharing ideas that I may not need at this time but others do is also appropriate. But I also think I should stick to what I know. If I’m asked for explanation or elaboration, I want to be able to confidently give it and not hide behind my fake twitter identity.

I’m grateful for the articles I have read online that others post. I’m not criticizing anyone who posts things that support and offer knowledge to others. I’m saying that in my short 2 months on twitter, I’m still forming my identity and need to proceed cautiously.


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