Keep on Trying

My last post was about my identity and perhaps identity fraud. It really remained on my mind for a few days and got me thinking about my online presence and my goals on social media

I joined twitter after attending a conference. The main goal was to create a PLN for myself and share resources.  I realized it is a social media, so I also follow some people for fun and amusement. I started to realize my goals were not quite in the right place. I was likening it too much to Facebook.

My facebook account is made up 100% of people I already knew before becoming friends. My twitter account is almost 100% people I have never met. I cannot expect the same outcomes on facebook as I do twitter. Yes, this seems reasonable, but since my only real foray into social media was facebook, I was really starting to feel alienated and confused by my twitter role.

On facebook, I make comments and they are quickly read by others and comments are made. I have become accostumed to receiving (almost) immediate feedback on practically everything I post. Twitter has been almost the exact opposite experience for me. I have been posting links, articles, questions, ideas, statements and getting little or no feedback. I was getting jaded and cynical and wondering why I even decide to remain.

My goals have to change and become more focused. Twitter is not about me. Twitter for my PLN is about learning. Is about see resources. Is about collecting data. Is about using ideas I may not have thought about. I cannot focus on why no one responds to me or comment on my article or link, but realize I am here to learn.

Maybe I need to create a second more personal account if I feel I need more one on one contact. That seems like a decision I could make happen. Perhaps I have to understand that this twitter account is considered my PD. I do not know how the larger accounts have any personal connection. I have seen people with hundreds or thousands and followers and following.  I need to wrap my mind around the fact that twitter may not be the personal connection like facebook. It does not have to be.

The end result will be me staying on for a little while longer. I will try to learn, find resources, find great ideas and inspiration.  I will keep on trying.


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