Still a brat, but starting to mature

My last entry was about me being a social media brat. It was a tough realization for me because I was only really feeling validated if I was favourited, re-tweeted or replied to. I was feeling overwhelmed my the sheer number of people I was following and trying to read many/most/all of their tweets. I was annoyed if I forwarded a great article and saw that same article linked by 4 or 5 other people.

I felt like my feed was just a show and tell and I was the odd kid out. Now that the end of the school year is approaching, I have lessened my ardent fervor to keep up. I am lessening my competitive spirit. I feel like Morrie in tuesdays with morrie, when he states that age is not a competitive issue.

I am starting to feel twitter is not a competitive issue as well. I was approaching twitter like it was competitive. I wanted to be first to post, gather many followers, be someone who was fast rising. Would I still like to contribute and be acknowledged? Of course I would, but I’m not going to let it dominate and control the only reason I check out twitter. If twitter is meant to be PD for me, I need to allow it to be just that. If I can pick up some tips, awesome. If I can learn something new, awesome. And, if I can share something with someone else, well, that’s awesome, too.

My twitter feed is now morphing into more of a personal account rather than solely a professional account. I post things I am interested in, find humourous or think others might like. This is also keeping my interest more. I reduced the people I’m following to try to keep the pressure off and it’s likely my summer tweeting will not be completely professionally based.

This social media will be for me to have some fun socially and mix in some great learning opportunities.


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