I’m so excited! I was recently told by my eLc that I was chosen to give a presentation at RCAC London in December!! Woo-hoo! In an effort to be transparent and for full disclosure, I wasn’t drafted in the first round. That’s ok though! The bottom line is that I have a slot at the conference and I’m choosing to ignore how I got there.

This makes me feel proud for a couple of reasons: one, my eLc chose to nominate me; two,  they’ve seen the beta version already and still chose it; and three,  WHAT? I’m presenting at a conference? Who would have ever thought that?

I have mentioned in earlier blogs, I am NOT a techie. I’m a paper and pen gal. This presentation is about engaging students to your online/blended class site. If you would have told me, even three years ago, I’d be presenting to others about this, I would have scoffed! Now, I’m doing it!

I’m nervous mainly, but also excited. I did a little detective work and looked up some previous sessions. I’m pretty sure I’m in way over my head. I really hope the audience will be kind. I did clearly state my presentation is for those NEW to online, so I’m hoping my teaching colleagues will really be new, or at least new-ish.

I’ve already thought of new things to add to my presentation and change things I wasn’t completely happy with the first time. I’ve thought about what I want to re-vamp and update. These changes are also necessary because the time slot has also increased! This gives me an opportunity to improve and strengthen my presentation skills and hopefully appeal to those sitting in the chairs!

October certainly was an exciting month for me technologically.  It’s so strange how just a few months ago I said,” I want to present!” not really knowing what really I had to offer. Now, I’m doing it! My online journey has had it’s ups and downs, but right now, I’m feeling pretty good about where I am along the road.


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