Back in the studio

That title is somewhat misleading. What I really mean is, I was back re-recording some tutorials for my presentation coming up. I have already recorded some tutorials for adding twitter,, pearltrees, and voki to your online class. I wasn’t always completely satisfied with these recordings, but they did the trick for the time.

Today I was back at it, updating and improving my recordings. While still not perfect, I’m happier with the outcome so far.  My studio is really my basement computer and me in an headset (just to get me in the mood).  I did a new twitter and voki and am planning on updating my, go!animate, and Facebook.  I’m hoping these will be good additions to my presentation in December.

What is also great about recording again is that I keep my skills and memory fresh.  If you are away from adding, changing, editing for a little bit, it could take awhile longer to get back into it. Also, with changes and upgrades to both the online sites and web based tools, it is important to keep current.

I’m attaching my beta versions.



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