Musings on my Twitter Experience of 9 Months

I joined twitter way back in late March. After almost nine months, I’m doing more reflecting on my twitter experience.

One thing I know I should NEVER admit to is that I created a second, “anon” account. My goodness how anon’s are hated. I had no idea of this when I created one. I think I wanted to just complain, vent, or joke without repercussion. I quickly ended this experiment as I learned many “anons” are really angry, bitter, teenagery mature people. It was bizarre. I entered a world of adult users (maybe, I guess I don’t know for sure) who acted so poorly. I do not need to relive high school on twitter, thank you very much. ANON DELETED.

Back to reality, I could not possible remember all the links I have posted on twitter. When I first started trying to “get noticed”, I was posting article after article, sometimes not even reading them. Often times not even really understanding what I was posting. I figured someone out there could probably benefit from this information, so I should link it.

Then I had a real lull. I was overloaded and thinking, what am I doing? I’m on twitter so I can learn from others, not try to prove I’m something I’m not. I “unfollowed” a lot of people, stopped posting articles I didn’t understand or read, and took a bit of a break from twitter. I was getting frustrated that I was posting things, only to see 10 other people post the same articles. First, they are not my personal property and second, surely other people enjoy reading and sharing! (the whole point of learning!)

I’m coming around a bit on these things. I typically READ the articles I post. Sometimes, I even comment on the link when I post it. I don’t really care if others post the same thing, at least it verifies I’ve chosen an article that others find interesting and useful, too. If I don’t use the technology or don’t particularly understand it, I typically avoid posting. (I’ve also noticed my newsfeed sources typically post the same things, so it could be repeated from 6 hours ago or 6 days ago)

One thing I find curious about twitter is that occasionally I get some totally random person follow me. Typically, they have thousands of followers and I’m guessing they are just looking to increase their numbers. I think this way because I check out their profile and if I don’t “follow back” within 48 hours, they drop me. hahaha. I’m sure this is a well known trend in the twitterverse, but I’m an old fashioned learner, learning things the slow way and by experience.

Ah well. Twitter has generally been a fun experience and I am still learning. I have been reading lots more than I was before joining, simply by just seeing links and posts. Having access to an ipad has significantly helped me, as I can sit down and open an app and do a little reading. My phone was too small and I often didn’t get a chance to watch the news when it aired. When my leave of absence kicks in at the end of this school year, I know I will have lots to keep be busy and learning even when away from school.


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  1. bgrasley says:

    Hey Eva,
    Thanks for reflecting here – I know a lot of people new to Twitter will appreciate learning from your experience. I also had to do some “unfollowing” early on.
    For me, it’s been important to remember that I’m not running a business, I’m not trying to build up a following. Instead I’m participating in a learning and social community, and the size of that network doesn’t matter – only the quality of the interactions!
    Thanks, and have a great Saturday!


  2. evathompson says:

    Thank you. I agree, it’s not supposed to be a popularity contest, but rather a learning opportunity. I appreciate your comments.


  3. dougpete says:

    I think that the key is to make it work for you at whatever level you’re comfortable with. Whatever works for you should be enough and it really doesn’t matter what others think. I spend about half an hour reading online every morning; I used to do the same thing with a newspaper. However, online has the real benefit of opinions and resources from all over the place. At one time, I feared losing the good stuff and had a convoluted way to bookmark the stories so that I would never lose things. It was very time consuming and then I found This opened a whole new world for me and, with the automatic saving to Diigo, I lost the fear of losing things. Like you, I think that many people sharing the same story is our learning networks way of saying “hey, this needs to be read”. Keep doing whatever works for you.


  4. evathompson says:

    Thank you, I am going to check out and see how it works.


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