Finding My Online Voice

I am very “middle of the road” in my tastes. I have been reading lots online the last few months, discovering new websites, links, articles, viewpoints. I mostly read these with an open mind and often see both sides of the issue being presented. You may consider this “wishy washy” and maybe think  I don’t really have strong convictions. I choose to look at myself as tolerant, empathic, a good listener and open minded.

When I read articles/opinions/research that I don’t agree with, I still read them, try to find merits and if necessary, just “agree to disagree”. There are a lot of controversies happening almost daily about who said what,  why it was offensive, is it politically correct, is it hate, is it free speech. I’m not getting into that right now, but my point is, there can always be fodder for disagreement and social media backlash.

I typically stay clear of those things and just try to move along on my own journey. I’m trying to figure out what my role is as a participant on social media sites. I’m not a “hater” who looks for arguments, joins groups, “likes” things only to spew criticism on sites. However, I do think there is opportunity to comment and dialogue about things that can be debated in calm, rational points and counter points.

What has be all riled up today? Something so small, insignificant not even “real”. I have rarely, if ever, openly derided or vocally complained online, tagged someone demanding explanation. I saw a cartoon posted on one of my magazine reading sites that really bugged me. It’s ridiculous. It wasn’t political or used racially charged messages. It just bothered me. I know it’s supposed to be funny. I get it. I do. It’s a cartoon, move on. I just found it dumb, distasteful, vulgar and to an extent degrading to women. (and I fully understand, people interpret things in different ways and I may be interpreting this incorrectly, but still, it’s how I feel)

I know (and tell my students) if something is wrong, if you feel strongly, find a way to voice your opinion. But tonight, is it really worth the effort? At what point to you decide, I really must make a comment, I need to contact the editors and question this and let them know how I feel. When is the tipping point when you decide this is or isn’t worth the effort?

Well, tonight, my effort is blogging about it. I’m finding my online voice and discovering what is important enough for me to challenge. It’s not that I care what my social media contacts think of my opinion of this, it’s more if I need to voice my opinion.

Well, I guess I just did. Yay me.


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