It’s My Turn to Watch the Kids, So I’m Blogging

Since the only two people I follow have addressed the end of 2013 and new beginnings for 2014, I figure I should at least make an attempt to log an entry in this first week.

Did I reach my technology goals for 2013? Well, considering I didn’t make any, I’d have to say yes, I did. The beginning of this year saw me anxiously awaiting to teach my second online English course in D2L. I was (am) still wet behind the ears in terms of my ability to manipulate the platform with excellence and be nominated for online teacher of the year. ( is wet behind he ears even an expression?) I’m of the ilk when teaching something new, the first two times I need to basically just understand the course. By the third time I feel much more comfortable adding, mixing, updating, changing, making it my own. This past year I was basically just prepping to improve my performance, understand a little better what I was doing, and start to know where, when, and how I was going to make changes. So I guess without realizing it, I did have some goals and I did improve my course this past year. 

I also unknowingly achieved two milestones I wouldn’t have even dreamed of fulfilling last year. Because I was in the online teaching world, I had more opportunities for professional development. I can’t even remember the last time I was in attendance at a conference outside my board!! Did I even know they existed? There is a whole world outside my classroom that I hadn’t even seen! Milestone 1 awakened and achieved. And since I’ve already blathered on about presenting like I invented it, let’s just say I had an opportunity to share my experience with others and enjoyed it immensely.

in addition to these goals which somehow came to light, I crawled out from under my cardboard box of 500 count photocopy paper and started becoming a little more “virtual”. I started a class page for my face to face class, joined twitter, created some Facebook school accounts, started a blog, and learned more than to just copy and paste.

now comes a hard part – thinking of goals for 2014. I don’t know if I can. Look at how much I learned this year, which I have already admitted I didn’t even know some of these things existed or I could accomplish! I can vaguely point out I want to become more adept at using social media and growing my presence. Bah. Cop out. ( but I still want to do this) how about if I say I want to make a real contribution to my own learning experience ? I want to be aware of my progress, push myself to take more risks, and what I want most is to contribute to someone else’s learning experience. I want to feel a part of my PLN, but really feel I helped someone else’s journey. ( which means I better make sure the people who help me know it!) I don’t need recognition for this, if it happens, but rather feel that I am contributing and helping, not just colleagues, but inevitably reaching the students they teach. 


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