Recognizing Support

It’s strange how you can feel trust for someone you haven’t known for very long. I believe trust is something you earn and it can take months or years to earn. However, I have recently started working with someone in my building whom has earned my trust.

I didn’t know this man before he started at our school, nor anything about his reputation.  I found when he came to work at our school he greeted everyone in a friendly manner.  He does his job with proficiency and treats students and staff fairly. I have found it easy to respect someone who does his job well and follows through on what he says he will do.

When I was searching for guidance and leadership, he stepped up and gave me a listen.  He offered solutions, some ideas for mentor ship and suggestions to help me reach my goals.  He listened without judging, but also showed me honesty and empathy when hearing my struggles.

It’s not everyday we get thanked in our jobs. It’s not everyday we get recognized for helping. It’s not everyday we gain and maintain someone’s trust.  I am grateful for colleagues that listen and support each other. It helps me make it through another day.


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