Temporary New Job

Today I received some good news, which was just what I needed after a difficult few weeks at work.  I interviewed and was offered the job of Acting Curriciulm Leader for the English/Languages/Library Departments.  This is exciting and a little nerve wracking at the same time.

i was nervous going in for my interview because I have not interviewed for a position of added responsibility or really anything other than classroom teacher.  I typically do not do very well in interview situations, I get chatty, run on and talk at about 100km/hr.  

I didn’t feel I had prepared quite well enough, but I think we all have feelings like this at times. My interview time was changed and made earlier and I knew others were interviewing for this position as well.  I really wanted to do well because I wanted to be taken seriously and have a real chance to lead my department.

I will say that the position is only temporary and only became available because our current curriculum leader left to take another job.  I had perhaps a slight edge (in my opinion only) in that I am the only one who applied currently teaching in the department. 

Even knowing this, I still wanted to make a good impression and prove that I was a worthy candidate for this job. One day, this position could become permanent and I needed to show I was up for the challenge. Other jobs may become available in the future and interview experience is important and often necessary to make improvements in my career. I also felt I needed to let administration know I am interested in moving beyond my classroom teacher role.

So it may only be a small mountain I conquered , but I really hope I have started down the road for more challenges and future jobs that may lead outside the class. Score one for me. 


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  1. Tim Robinson says:

    Congrats on the new position! Reflective practitioners like yourself always do the best job. 🙂


    1. evathompson says:

      Thanks! I’m sure I’ll get the key to the secret hidden lair somewhere in the school on Tuesday.


      1. Tim Robinson says:

        I emailed you a celebratory gift. 🙂


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