Why I Can’t Have Nice Things….

Thanks to Tim Robinson for my new header.  His blog

Am I embarrassed to tell you that although he sent EXACT instructions, I had a difficult time figuring it out? Yes.  Wow. My brain hits hyper drive when I have to try something new. I somehow jolted into super web designer and was clicking things I thought was the “advanced” version. I can figure this out. Well, no, I can’t. Follow the instructions. Seriously. Just do what the page says. It will work. Don’t act as if you designed, created, and then sold wordpress blogging to someone beneath you. Follow the instructions.

I can’t say I learned my lesson, because I do this all the time. Things are simple, I make them hard. Just hit a few buttons, I look for back doors that shouldn’t exist to complete a task. I think I’m just like many of my students. Let’s not reinvent the wheel here, just add a nice new header.

However, I was so happy to have a choice in a personalize header, that I went ahead and followed the instructions. As given. And guess what? They worked. Should you be smirking at me right now? Yes. Yes, you should.

So ya! for helpful people! Since I pretty much change my theme far too often than a serious blogger should, Tim was able to help me choose a personalized header. This is great, how I can dislike my own name and title? Don’t answer that, because I’ll probably start pretending I’m a designer and attempt making my own. For now, look up at that. It’s awesome.


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  1. Tim Robinson says:

    I totally know what you mean. This is the worst when I’m putting together Ikea furniture. The instructions are so simple and easy, even without words, but I still find myself skipping ahead, guessing at what to do. Then I find I have to unscrew and take apart large sections because I missed a step. bah!

    Glad you like the logo. We can modify it to fit a new theme if you switch again. 🙂

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  2. bgrasley says:

    Tim is awesomely helpful. Teacher can also find tons of D2L stuff that he’s created and/or curated at http://coursehelp.ca (or http://coursehelp.me for students). We’re very lucky to have him in the Sudbury-North Bay region, and all of Ontario is lucky that he’s so willing to share. Thanks, Tim.


  3. Do you know how to have a different header for each page you have on your blog? We have the leaning palm tree, which we love, but we would like different headers for different pages. We looked it up on google, wordpress help, etc, and nothing seemed to work. We weren’t sure if this was an extra you need to pay for (which we may have paid for, we don’t know) or it just takes some time.


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