Getting Excited!

Well, I’ve come full circle. The first ever conference I went to was last year at OTRK12. It opened my eyes to all the fantastic work people are doing working with technology in their classrooms, and now I get to go back this year.

Last year I went and had no idea of what to expect. This is probably a good thing – no expectations – just go and take in what you can – learn, share, meet, listen, collaborate. I did not write a blog, did not have a twitter account, barely functioned digitally. This was my step one, my starting ground.

Now, as this year’s conference approaches, I’m getting excited. I’m still trying to go with no expectations, just to learn, share, soak it in, be inspired, motivated, daring to try some new things. Well, wait, I guess that means I do have expectations. That’s ok, I know I won’t leave disappointed.

Even if I look at where I am now as compared to last year, I’ve reached goals I couldn’t have even imagined last year. I now write a blog (2 actually),  am reasonably active on twitter, have improved my eLearning classes, and have presented at two conferences. (This will be three!). This is amazing since only last year none of these things even existed- including merely attending a conference.

So this has been a big growth year for me in terms of my online presence. I am convinced it has made me be a more engaging and enjoyable teacher in the classroom. It’s made me more willing to try new things and be ok with failing, because I know at some point I will find success and if I need help, I’ve “met” so many people who are willing to help.

I’m heading back to OTRK12 and looking forward to it. I’m getting excited to present but also learn from some great colleagues doing wonderful things in their classrooms. And perhaps most exciting, not packing a bagged lunch. See you there.


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  1. bgrasley says:

    I’m excited too! We’re going to be releasing the registration form tonight (sorry for the delays!) and you’ll get to see the details for all of the great sessions and our great keynote speakers. Make sure you introduce yourself to me at the conference, and I’ll probably pop by during your session to make sure everything is suitably awesome. You’re up first, too, so you’ll have the rest of the time for inspiration!


    1. evathompson says:

      I’m happy I’m early in the day, so then I can relax and not be preoccupied with nerves. I’m looking forward to attending some great sessions.


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