I Need to Learn to Say No

I’ve only been C.L. for a few weeks and am learning that people ask you for things. A lot. This is not in a bad way, but for whatever reason, I didn’t fully realize  all the needs people would come to you for.  I am happy to have this new role and welcome some challenges that make me think and have to delegate.

The “asking” really is a great opportunity for me to understand the needs of my departments.  It helps me more fully understand the role.  It makes me feel needed and pushes me to make decisions and consult with others so our department can grow.

The part I need to balance is that with me now leading a team of 14 staff, I may not be able to say yes to everyone every time.  I want to make everyone happy and fulfill all requests and have harmony, but truthfully, I know I will not be able to in all instances.  I need to learn that I may disappoint people with some choices I need to make, but that sometimes I do need to say “no”. This can be hard at times.

I feel this is something I must feel confident in doing. Hard decisions have to be made and just because I’m new,  doesn’t mean I’m a pushover.  With added responsibility comes added pressure to meet the needs of the students, staff, administration and outside world. Within a small budget it seems!

I’m up for the challenge. I look forward to the opportunity to help others on my team and move forward having a successful year. And even though I’m still wet behind the ears, sometimes “no” is the best decision.


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