I Really Have Been Working Towards Something

I just spent the better part of an hour re-reading my blog posts from the beginning. Why? I started my blog after attending OTRK12 last year and here I am preparing to leave for it again this year.

I know I’m not the best writer, I find plenty of mistakes from grammar usage to plain old typo’s in my entries. Sometimes I’m typing too fast, sometimes my iPad just annoys me and I can’t edit the way I’d like to. Most times, it’s just me and the way I express myself.  If I was to really take my blog somewhere, I’d need to edit and polish with much more skill.

Despite these shortcomings , I still enjoyed reading my posts.  I remember thinking my ideas were so smart and how much I wanted to contribute to my digital world.  HA!! Even with my inflated sense of importance, the issues I was writing about still interest to me today and I continue to think of ways to improve.

But what I liked seeing was my development and interests for online learning were heading somewhere. I was discovering so much at once and trying to learn and keep up, it was overwhelming. As I read, I saw where I was heading: here!

Tuesday I’m presenting at a conference that got me thinking of learning online in the first place.  My blog topics all rolled into one is almost what I’m talking about tomorrow. All the issues I wanted to explore and use, I did! And now, I get to present them to other people. I unknowingly started down the path that is leading me to present the ideas I most wanted to explore last year.  Heck, one of my early entries actually is focused on me presenting and creating tutorials…. Someday.  Well, my someday has arrived.

So even though I  am incredibly nervous and hope I don’t get heckled, I am also very excited ! It’s a little strange  seeing this blog become something real. And if it goes well, I also retire from elearning presentations Tuesday, going out on a high note.


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  1. bgrasley says:

    Hey Eva,

    I’m looking forward to dropping in on your session on Tuesday (it’s at 9:45am and is D1S04, “Engage and Embed”, in the Brittania room, for those of you hunting for it). I won’t be able to stay long; probably just long enough to heckle (just kidding! there is no heckling!).

    A suggestion for the blog – how about a “Best of Last Year” post? Just some commentary on and links to the posts you hope people will go back to, or that impacted you, or something like that. Another idea: how about an update to an old post that you now know more about or have changed your mind about? Leave the old one there; just create another post that includes your new thinking.

    I shamefacedly admit I haven’t read *every* post you’ve written (you’re prolific!) but I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve consumed. Thanks for sharing your thinking and your learning, and I’ll look forward to more!


    1. evathompson says:

      You are so not allowed any where near!!!!haha
      I don’t expect you to read them all, it’s a fun exercise for me, and you are kind enough to not correct my poor grammar. I do like the retrospective idea, i shall ponder this.


  2. Good luck, you’ll do great!


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