OTRK12 Fun Non-Session Learning

This is my quick point form blog of some things I learned.  While my title may suggest session learning may not have been fun, THAT IS NOT THE CASE.  Clearly, the sessions were fun and informative, I will write about that later.  Today, I write about some fun things that happened at otrk12, but not necessarily in session. The following list is either fun things I learned or reaffirmed over the past two days:

– people like Greek yogurt for breakfast

– hecklers can be fun and add to your presentation

– strangers can be supportive, kind, and gracious

– I like people who like to hug

– even though I’m almost 10 years older than my eLC, he protected me like a big brother

– my DeLC is generous and can handle my (at times) potty mouth

– (another eLC mention) he can find me a travel partner since I’m terrified of traveling alone

– no one made bad remarks about my unbrushed hair of 2 days

– everyone enjoys selfies, selfie bombs, and making them hashtags

– strangers will invite you to lunch and talk to you ! ( this is good for me because I have anxiety)

– I should be more social and not hide in my room every free second I have, because, you know, people are nice!

OTRK12 was an amazing experience. I learned so much, again, I was not disappointed.  I also wanted to take time to smell the roses, which is why I am chuckling following the twitter stream selfies, because we all like to have a little fun while learning.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed the conference as much as I.


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  1. bgrasley says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. It was great to meet you, and I’m so happy that both the official and unofficial parts of the conference were so effective. Also, congratulations on your session – I’ve heard lots of great feedback!

    (If people are looking for the selfie bombs, check out #OTRK12Selfie on Twitter. Big thanks to Tom Carroll (@tommy2toneman) for starting the movement.)


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