Blogger’s Block

I’m sitting here thinking I have so much to say. I just attended a conference and ideas are overflowing in my mind.  Yet, when I start to write, I am getting stymied as to the correct way to express myself. Even that was awkward. I have blogger’s block.

I have a draft list that gets longer and longer. I start with an idea, reasonable enough, then start to pursue it and hit a dead end. Or, while re-reading it, I miss points, or go in circles, or just don’t seem to come to a smart point.

I was looking at some earlier posts, and even my ideas are overlapping in these posts. I am repetitive at times. While looking back to see entries that seemed to have a little more inspiration, I feel like I’ve already said what I need to say. For now.

I have so many avenues to explore and am starting down the road. I am just thinking that I have so many paths to find that I can’t seem to make up my mind where to go.

Do I make some observations? Do I give a review of some apps? Do I “constructively criticize” some things irking me right now?  While being inspired at great sessions, I also realized just how much I DON’T know, how much learning I really have to do. And, unfortunately for my budding blogging career, much of these things have already been said and done. In ways I probably couldn’t.

Would you like to know why I like my classroom? (the physical class) I doubt it. Would you like to know why I think we need more mental health support in schools? I doubt it. Would you like to know why I’d like more junk food days back? Probably not. I worry even if I start these, I’ll still arrive at a dead end.

So, for now, I’ll use the blogger’s block entry as a hopeful start. I mean, I did write something. Maybe I’ll go make a video on my newly formed youtube channel and tell you why I like it. It’s  a start.


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