Guest Speaker Satisfaction

Today in my school there was a guest speaker. Well, presentation is probably a more apt description.  The Canadian Raptor Conservancy came in with a “birds of prey” show. She brought hawks, falcons, owls, and an eagle and we saw demonstrations of them flying.  This was attended by our grade 12 classes and our special education and medically fragile students.  The students were well behaved, interested, and were able to take up close photos.  It was wonderful to see.

I had seen the show on my own time and thought it would something our students might like to see.  The show is informative and brings birds that we could see almost literally in our own backyards.  I think it’s important a students are aware of their environment and how it could affect them.

Is there such a thing as edu-tainment? I think our students were educated about these birds and entertained at the same time. I think it was money well spent.  I only received positive feedback from both staff and students.  We don’t always have a lot of guest speakers or assemblies, as school life gets busy. It’s hard to arrange times and funds to orchestrate quality and timely presentations.  I was particularly satisfied because I wanted to bring in something that would be well received. You can’t please everyone all the time, but I was really hoping this would go over well.  It can be difficult to convince others to jump on board and trust your instincts.

I couldn’t have hoped for better outcome. The staff helped direct our guest(s) to the spot, teachers gave up space and class time to attend, other staff available came to help supervise and I was able to get some pictures and video of our experience.  I don’t know how people manage large scale presentations!! This stressed me out so much, mostly because I want people to walk away satisfied. I want you to enjoy your experience and have faith and trust in me to conduct an event. It worked out fine, I have to also learn to put faith and trust staff to help when needed.

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  1. Good job! Wished we could have come down.

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