Thinking About Learning

Lately I’ve been seeing a number of people doing 100 days of happy. One acquaintance of mine has done this for a few years and actually makes an attempt to do 365 happy and post.

i was thinking I need to do this as well. I need to focus on maybe that and 100 days of learning. Elementary schools celebrate the 100th day, maybe I should also make an effort to record things I’m learning everyday.  I fully appreciate that I’ve had to learn new things everyday as a teacher, but I don’t always record them and celebrate them with other people.

So, what did I learn today at school? Or what did I experience or share or celebrate at school?  Today’s lesson is appreciating collaboration with others. A colleague of mine and I almost team taught or co-hosted  a lesson. While she led the students learning a new program on the computer, I tried to help when and where I could. I don’t have many opportunities to have two teachers in  the room working on the same lesson with students. But what I did appreciate and what I want to celebrate is how we both seemed happy to share information, not worry about being judged, and let each other lead the lesson when needed.  The students benefitted from a better opportunity for one -to-one help and more quality time to learn the program. Win-win situation .

While this situation is not new, or novel, or groundbreaking, I am choosing to celebrate a success in my class today. Remember the little things and they add up to some pretty special big things.


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