Celebrate Learning Day 2

Well, I’ve decided I likely won’t post everyday about this topic. My main reasons are that I could get too busy or forget and also that it fills up a time line when it doesn’t have to. I will maybe try to make a weekly entry and choose a few things to remember and celebrate over the week. I need to do this because there are times I forget about the love of learning if I have a bad day or have to meet deadlines or the work seems to be piling up.

Today I had a wonderful day with my 4c class. They are working on a layered curriculum for a novel study we recently finished. I booked the computer lab for students who needed to type up some answers or create cover pages and do wordles and tagxedo’s.

I was in typical high alert fashion waiting for some games and videos to sneak in. I was so happily pleased with the amount of work being accomplished. They were asking questions, getting clarifications and the little laughing and chuckling happening were directly related to the assignment!!! They used their google accounts to share things with me and were really starting to get with this “online thing” I’m “making” them do.

To add to this, my school Facebook page hit 100 likes AND my v.p. passed on a wonderful compliment about my recent presentation at the otrk12 conference. Check off some happy boxes today.


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