Celebrate Learning 3

I know I said I will just try to write weekly and make a more summary type entry, but it is Friday so I’m going to write one today.

Today I am celebrating courage.  I have two instances today. The first is from my students. One of their writing options was to discuss fear and how they overcome it.  Two students were very courageous to pick something about themselves and how they need to work it.  While many people might choose spiders or roller coasters (which are scary!) they chose to write about their anxiety and fears in daily life. They spoke about being lonely oftentimes because they were too frightened to try new things or speak up.  The fact they reached out and acknowledged their fear helps them grow and make progress.

This inspired me to face a fear or anxiety that I have.  I don’t often celebrate my successes in teaching.  I too often focus on what I could have done or should have done, or let the negative take up too much space in my memory.  I need to express myself with more confidence and ask I for what I want and what I deserve.  To face that fear (as my students did) I decided to inquire about making an appointment with someone who can help me define and guide my career.   It’s not about bragging, or talking myself up, but discussing my skills and qualities I would like to showcase in a different role. I hope I can continue to be brave and follow a path that can be unknown, but worth the trip.


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