Video Resumés

I was wondering last night if video resumes are a thing. (Yes, I was somewhat delirious battling the flu).  The reason this was on my mind was my noted irrational fear of being forgotten next year while I’m on my leave.  I have doing my best to contribute to my school and hope that upon my return I’ll be given the same opportunities available to me now. Bear with me.

My mental meanderings led me to thinking about a video resumé.  I thought this would be a great idea, but also had to face the fact that it probably wasn’t a great idea. Possible problems I noted came in the form of tv and movie characters. ( I was self medicating)

1) I’m Sheldon Cooper. What if I have the necessary technological skills to put together an excellent video and gadgetry, but clearly lack some social nuances that may make me a suitable candidate for the types of jobs I am applying for.

2) I’m Penny.  What if I have some great social skills and connect with people but lack the basic fundamental skills to even locate the wifi.

3) I’m Elle Woods.  What if I can piece together a video but include some strange, borderline inappropriate or unnecessary information that makes people just scratch their heads.

I battled this in my head, but also had some good reasons why a video résumé could be a good thing.

1) I can probably piece together something reasonably coherent or at least ask for help. There are plenty of editing tools out there to help me make an acceptable presentation.

2) this could be novel or innovative. The verdict is out on this one, because I fear if the requirement for this imagined job requires a video, it may not be the correct job for me. (And they’ll think I’m a weirdo)

3) I could better express myself in video than I probably could in an actual interview. I get quite nervous and anxious and although I may have the qualifications and attributes the job requires, it may not come across during an interview. The video gives me a chance to speak passionately about my skills and contributions in a way I can’t always do “live”.

Number (3) is my favourite because I think I could best describe and the viewer could see who I am (techno flaws and all) when I’m at ease and talking about the things that satisfiy me most about my job.

So, after tossing and turning, I decided I probably won’t create a video résumé. But maybe I should make that video anyway, because I saw in me all the great things I love about my job and the wonderful ways I pursue new learning while imagining how I’d make it. And maybe that’s all I needed reminding of.


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