I Forgot to Celebrate Learning

Last week, I mentioned I saw a few people marking 100 days of happy and I should be a little more alert and celebrate some learning in my class. I wanted to either acknowledge student or staff learning and decided I should write at least once a week.

This week, I was happy to celebrate many of my techno-adverse senior students start to embrace the satisfaction of submitting online. Admittedly, they didn’t have much choice as I told them to send it to me and might have stretched the truth by saying the printer ink was low, but it did get the ball rolling.  A few just shrugged and said, ok, but that was enough to alert others that it really wasn’t hard and they started to teach each other.

Another great learning opportunity came on the form of some in school pd learning.  Staff were invited to sign up to learn more about using iPads in the class (or just some apps) and some added encouragement for using D2L and google pages.  It’s remarkable how just a little afternoon can inspire.  Time seems to be our biggest desire. How many people do you hear saying, “if I could just get some time to sit down and ‘play’ with these things, maybe I’d feel more confident “?  Mission accomplished. Our days seem so filled with planning, marking, teaching, interviews, reports, meetings, discussions, etc. we often don’t get the break from routine to allow time for US to learn.   Not everyone has the same desire or drive to discover things on our own, but with a little help and guidance, coupled with such a simple thing as time, we can accomplish a lot.

This is how I have chosen to celebrate learning this week – students teaching each other and teachers been given time to teach each other as well.


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