Proud of the Teachers at my School

Today we had a session at the school that was meant to help us with classroom teaching strategies and then gave us some time to develop some lessons “using technology”.  At first, I was worried we might be woefully behind other schools, but I was so happy to discover how wrong I was!

The first part of the day had me worried (and some other staff) when the terminology was brought out. Just on the surface, a number of us were thinking, “uh-oh, I don’t think I do that”.  It turned out, as things were explained and reviewed, we actually do a lot of the things they were preparing us for.  So many of us were not quite up to date with the terminology, or graduated at different times and the terminology has changed.  We were all so happy to discover that we already implement so many of the current strategies to help engage our students. Score one for us!

The second part of the day was what really made me proud to be a colleague of so many of these great staff members! We were asked to share and then work with the technology to help us deliver lessons in the class.  My group was phenomenal.  I work with so many teachers who are familiar with technology and embracing it in their classrooms.  The thing I was not aware of was that we just don’t get a chance to share what we are doing, or we just quietly go about our business and don’t always showcase what we have been doing.

I was worried only a few of us would be regularly using programs, apps, pages, videos in the class. Boy, was I wrong. I saw teachers already using and willing to share ideas with: Powtoons, Lemonade Stand, D2L, google, ipads, blogging, Khan academy, bitstrips and others.  Everyone has a level of comfortability that I didn’t realize was happening.  A lot of my staff is younger, new (ish) and it’s really just a part of their teaching as a craft to use technology.  No longer can I say, we only use computers to record marks.  My staff has clearly embraced technology and is readily using it on a daily basis.



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