Weekly Celebrate Learning

The end of a short week has me thinking about the learning I want to celebrate this week.  This is an exercise for me to remember all the good things that are happening in the class (and out) and celebrate even the small steps.

For my students, I had to celebrate some learning with our novel study.  We are reading, “The Hobbit” in my grade 9 class. I had to stop and really chuckle, but then engage in such a fun conversation.  We were talking about why the dragon would want to steal all the gold and treasure from the dwarves in the first place. It was brought up that clearly, he doesn’t need it and it would seem to be so uncomfortable to sleep on it. At first, I thought, why is he doing this? But, it turns out, everyone wanted in on this discussion, ranging from spending that gold to buying a comfortable bed. I want to celebrate this because I didn’t have to remind them of the genre, they just went with it: a dragon stole some gold and what are we going to do about it? Lesson goals achieved and then some!

For my staff, celebrating how plugged in we are! A little more than half my teaching staff volunteered to get some further training on teaching strategy and using technology in the class.  As it turned out, it was easily “self directed” as we wanted to help each other and just sit and have time to share and work on things.  We so desperately want some time and just a little guidance to lead us in the direction we want to go. My staff is on par with many other schools in my district and uses technology whenever we can.

Even though it was a short week and it’s getting late in the year, there is always something to find to celebrate about learning – both the students and staff.


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