New Addictions

How the heck did I get 48 total views yesterday? I’ve clearly been spammed, but this was an entry, from 13 months ago. Yes, I’m still addicted and need a self help group.


April 1

Well, I’ve had Twitter in use for almost one week now. Feels like a lot longer. I’m starting to understand @ and #.  I’m getting familiar with RT and posting. I want to know what’s going on. In as few characters as possible. My problem is that I have stolen my list of people/organizations to follow after attending a conference.  These people post meaningful, insightful and educational links. It’s a lot to take in. I post what’s happening right now in my life and usually have no link to a scientific experiment to back me up. But, that’s ok. I don’t have many “followers” and probably never really will, so I’m not really clogging up too many people’s newsfeeds with my frivolity.  I do enjoy seeing what other’s post and will continue to follow what interests me.

Next – e-community. I’m checking here for courses, for my blog…

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