End of Year Blues?

It can be a stressful time of year at school.  We are getting near the end and sometimes tempers can flare in the class. We have students that start feeling pressure to finish all their work and bring up their marks.  We also have students who may be graduating and start to worry about acceptances, job opportunities, apprenticeships, another year at high school, or maybe nothing??  My school pulls from a large geographical area and some students don’t really like summer break, because they don’t get to see their friends as often, this can bring on stress!  With proms and grad ceremonies, financial woes and party invites also show some social pressures with students.

It  can also be difficult at the staff level.  We have surplus and redundant notices going out.  I’ve had my share of this happening to me. It’s unnerving and worrisome wondering if there will be a job available, if you have to change schools, subject, start all over.  The process seems slow when you are in it, watching postings, hoping a job seems suitable to you and well, just waiting. 

So, I want to take time to remind myself if tempers seem short, if replies seem terse, if moods seem cranky not to take it too personally. As a long school year winds down, I want to remember that everyone experiences something a little different and is going through different emotions.  I have worries of my own but still want to try to still be present and aware in my class, in my interactions, and with people I run into during the course of my day.  We often joke about the joys of ending a school year, but maybe we also need to remember each ending also starts something new, and “something new” can be scary for some.


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