Delegating Takes Time

I just read an interesting little article about delegating responsibilities which got me thinking. As a new curriculum leader, I have had to walk the line of leadership and delegating for a few months.  I have no problem allowing others to take tasks and run with them.  I want to give others a chance to shine and (often) prove themselves worthy of a job in such a tough market. In this respect, I agreed and nodded my head in agreement, thinking, “I do that.”

My next thought was wondering how I can encourage and support those who may need help with tasks but don’t appreciate the offer of help.  A point in the article was that perhaps people don’t delegate because they don’t trust others to complete the task.  This could be for a variety of reasons from time, quality, appropriateness, status (is manager younger or with less experience) or just completion of task.  I can see this.  I may be a team leader, but I didn’t choose my team.  I may be responsible for getting my team to the finish line, but I didn’t train or start the journey with them. In short, I’m still learning to trust.

As a new leader, I’m still trying to find this balance, and I need more time. I need more time to earn and keep their respect and to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses to help them become valuable team members and achieve their goals. If I earn and keep their respect, perhaps they will want to perform for me and contribute to the team and learn to take direction with collaboration. I’m certainly NOT the boss, but I receive the instruction and need to move us  in the right direction .

I  realize I “can’t win them all” but want to have a cohesive and functional department that values each other’s work, opinions, and effort.  I also need to be able to help decision making and guiding for those who perhaps need help integrating all facets of their job.

I just happened to read this article (and embarrassingly admit it was because of the odd picture attached to it) and realized that I want to delegate. I have started to do this, but trust takes time to earn, going in both directions, and I hope we are on the right path. Together.


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