Trying Something New (for me)

I’ve been thinking of a time when I should try out something new in my classes. Maybe I should insert more descriptors: slowly, fearfully, holding my breath, trying to figure out IF I should try something new. I use these words because, typically, if I do something new, I like to know what I’m doing and feel I can do it reasonably well.

I always say in my blogs, if I wait until I totally know how to do something, I’ll never do it!  This is true for me. I am not a complete perfectionist, but don’t want to make a fool of myself, BUT the way in which the world moves, do we ever really become completely knowledgeable or an expert? Some would say yes, but I say, there is always room to improve and with so many upgrades, add ons, extensions, improvements and hidden features, it really can be tough to stay on top of things!

Last month, I created a Youtube channel for myself. I still haven’t really recorded a lot, and clearly need more time for editing and and using some features.  The time has come for me to stop waiting and just do it. Today, I started to record some news agenda items and instructions on my YouTube channel. I uploaded them and posted the links on my Google class page.

Now, at first you are thinking, wait Eva, you have recorded yourself plenty of times for you D2L page and uploaded them. True! However, I was mainly dabbling in my ipad video section and just adding into the newsfeed and not really posting them on Youtube. The main reason was until this year, my school board hadn’t allowed Youtube to be viewed at school. There was no real impetus for me to learn it for school lessons at that point. (or so I reasoned) Second, recording yourself is not new. True! However, now that I have them on Youtube, I can save them and add them in as content, keep them on my shared drive and share them with students who need them. Previously, there were just little hello messages, because I didn’t really deem them worthy of keeping.

Yes, I have not mastered my channel. Yes, I have more editing tricks to learn. BUT! I also have a video ready to go on my class page and will surprise my students when they see me up on screen and see me standing beside them. Hee Hee. I’m actually giddy with excitement. It’s not new for me in my online course; but I am expanding my wings and bringing some of this technology to my face to face classes and it’s a side of me they don’t always see. I’m the little engine that could: I think I can. I think I can. I did.


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  1. bgrasley says:

    I talked with some teachers about this very thing today – having sufficient skill to be able to problem-solve with technology in class, but not needing to be such an expert that you never get off the ground for fear of not having everything go perfectly. That balance is a hard one to find, and it’s different for each person. Thanks for sharing!


    1. evathompson says:

      Thank you for the comment. As you know, I hardly seem a stickler for perfection, even here on my blog, but at least you see the real me! My students didn’t seem to mind as they were happy to laugh (at) and with me!


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