Celebrate Learning (late) for May 23

Today, I’m being guilty of celebrating me. I made some decisions for myself and I’m proud.  I have recently been wanting to take on more challenges at work and creating, volunteering, or searching out opportunities for leadership.  I have been involving myself in initiatives, joining committees, and sharing my work. Most importantly I have sought out mentoring for myself.  

I am so used to advocating for my students and for members in my department, I have forgotten sometimes to advocate for myself.  You can’t really get where you want to be unles you let others know, express your interests, and make the moves to have it happen.

I was reflecting today and was lucky enough to have someone in a position to offer help, offer help! I realized that I did not have the proper mentoring in place early in my career.  That’s not to say people were wrong in their advice, it’s perhaps me being guilty of thinking I didn’t need help.  I wish I had a senior teacher or administrator helping me make decisions, reflecting with me if I’ve set goals, and just discussing my satisfaction with my own performance. I think we often say, if I only knew then what I know now.  While we can’t beat ourselves up over not having experience and wisdom, we can wonder if we would have achieved different things or walked down different paths if only we’d seen our options. I think perhaps I had tunnel vision or blinders on and wasn’t willing to consider alternatives to what I was doing.

I have rediscovered a need for mentoring almost twenty years after graduating from teacher’s college.  I wouldn’t have wanted to admit that a few years ago.  Do people really get a “seven year itch”? It’s probably rare to see anyone on the same job (not profession, but job) for an entire career.  I think it’s fair to note and recognize people need change, deserve opportunities to have change, and even at the halfway point in that career have someone help guide them making decisions.

I’m proud I have been able to recognize I need change, but what was the hardest part was making it known and expressing that to the proper people. I was tentative asking for help,which is something I waited too long to do. Celebrating learning for me is feeling that I can make my goals happen; everyday I hope I inspire that in my students , so I’m proud I’m finally taking my own advice.


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